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9th March 2014

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Sep 2012

Are you the victim of the revocation of a sponsor licence of an Educational Institution?

The sponsorship licence of the London Metropolitan University has been revoked, stripping it of the right to sponsor foreign Non-EEA national students. The press coverage suggests that approximately 2000 students will be deported from the UK and this will undoubtedly cause great anxiety among those believing that they are at risk. However, the press coverage is inaccurate and misleading.

A foreign national student can only be “deported” if they have committed a criminal offence in the UK or their presence is considered non-conducive to the public good.  Foreign nationals who are illegal entrants, or those who have overstayed or breached their visa conditions, may be administratively removed from the United Kingdom but not deported.

The Tier 4 (General) Student UKBA guidance states that, if a Sponsor Licence is revoked, the existing permission of students to stay will be limited to 60 days provided they were not involved in the reasons leading to the sponsor licence being withdrawn.

Within the 60 day window students are expected to find a new sponsor and make a fresh visa application that meets the relevant point’s requirement. Failing this they can apply for permission in a different category or leave the UK. Making an application is complex and students may easily fall foul of the immigration rules that apply to Tier 4 (General) Student applications. In view of the time constraints that apply students should urgently seek legal help.

Our team of Immigration specialists can assist students who are faced with the need to make an application for a fresh Tier 4 (General) Student visa due to the revocation or suspension of their sponsor’s licence.  We have experience of successfully representing students that find themselves in this unenviable position. In appropriate circumstances, where an application is refused, we can pursue an appeal to the Immigration Appeal Chamber and beyond if necessary.

We recognise that students, unexpectedly finding themselves in this difficult situation, may not have the financial resources to fund legal representation and, for this reason, we are willing to offer students a discount on our normal rates of charge.

If we can be of assistance please contact us at 0208 681 5128 or by email at

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