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9th March 2014

Challenging Decisions Refusing ‘Adult Dependant Relatives’ Entry Clearance to the UK

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7th January 2013

New Settlement Route for Commonwealth HM Armed Forces

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Immigration, Asylum & Human Rights Appeals Service

The immigration, asylum and human rights appeals system has undergone many changes over the years and how it works has become more complex indicating both the difficulty and necessity of keeping abreast of developments. For this reason, the service offered by our UK immigration solicitors, based in London, has become ever more critical by providing a specialist immigration appeals service.

Elements of the appeal process vary in their difficulty and complexity owing to the different types of appeal stages. Generally, appeals against negative decisions of the immigration authorities are conducted at the Immigration and Asylum Chamber which includes a First-tier Tribunal and an Upper Tribunal. The role of the First-tier Tribunal is to hear and decide appeals against decisions made by the UK Border Agency in the UK or the Entry Clearance Officer at diplomatic posts abroad who can issue visas.

The appeals system provides a means of testing whether a negative decision has violated rights thereby rendering the decision unlawful. Our experience shows us that appeals often arise because of erroneous decisions made by the immigration authorities and the judiciary. Our team of UK immigration solicitors is regularly involved in challenging decisions made by the immigration authorities by way of appeal to the First-tier Tribunal, the Upper Tribunal and the Court of Appeal and by way of Judicial Review proceedings in the High Court.

We provide an appeal service that ensures that our clients are given the best chance of a favourable decision. We provide practical advice and information according to best practice at every stage of the appeal starting with the decision, followed by procedure, evidence and presentation of the appeal at the appropriate court.

The success of an appeal will depend upon thorough preparation and quality advocacy at the hearing.  We only instruct barristers who are specialists in the field of immigration and asylum and human rights law and who maintain the high standards that we demand of them.

We provide free legal assistance to those who are eligible for public funding. Our staff will be happy to give further information concerning this and will make an assessment of your eligibility.