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7th January 2013

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UK Asylum – Fresh Claims

Preparing an asylum and human rights fresh claim is one of the challenging areas of work frequently undertaken by our London asylum lawyers based in Croydon. It involves meticulous planning and legal aptitude, a pre-requisite of the best immigration solicitors.

Most first time asylum claims are refused due to the Home Office and the Immigration Judges at appeal determining that the asylum claimant has been significantly untruthful with regard to their account of why they have a well founded fear of persecution. It is essential that these findings are first addressed before submitting a fresh claim. The relevant case law generally states that decision-makers, when looking at ‘repeat claims’ for asylum, are expected to rely on the credibility findings of the previous claim and unless we can show that those findings are wholly unreasonable and, in relation to the current claim, unsafe to rely on, the chances of the asylum fresh claim succeeding will be significantly reduced.

From our experience, most UK asylum and human rights fresh claims are refused at first instance and, as there are no appeal rights to challenge such Home Office decisions, we must carefully prepare any written submissions. The only legal challenge is by seeking Judicial Review at the High Court which our team of London asylum lawyers regularly undertake.

If you have previously been refused asylum, and would like to submit an asylum and human rights fresh claim because you have new evidence which is significantly different from the material that has previously been considered, and which creates a realistic prospect of success, then contact us for an appointment to speak to a member of our team for urgent UK immigration help. We may be able to demonstrate that you are still at risk of persecution or serious harm or that it would be unreasonable for you to return to your home country using current or previous Home Office policies and law.

Our firm of immigration solicitors in Croydon provides free legal assistance to those that are eligible for UK immigration help. Please speak to our admin office for an initial assessment as to your eligibility.