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Tier 2 – Sponsored Skilled Workers

Our team of managed migration solicitors have experience in assisting small, medium and global organisations, as well as individual applicants, and will be happy to provide a professional service in assisting businesses and applicants in making Tier 2 applications and all related services.

Tier 2 (General) allows skilled workers who are non – EU nationals and have a job offer in the UK to work and live in the UK under the immigration points based system. In order to be eligible to apply under the Tier 2 rules the applicant must have a job offer and a certificate of sponsorship from a Home Office licensed UK based organisation who will act as their sponsor.

The applicant is also required to obtain 50 points for Attributes, 10 points for English language skills and 10 points which demonstrate that the applicant can financially maintain themselves.

The 50 Points in the Attributes section are made up as follows : -

Criterion Points
Certificate of Sponsorship 30
Appropriate salary 20

Applicants will score points for their prospective earnings and the demand within the UK for their skills. The more money that the applicant will earn, and the greater the demand for an applicant’s skills, the higher the number of points that will scored.

Tier 2 applications may be made from inside or outside the UK. Our dedicated team of solicitors at will be pleased to advise further on the eligibility of those who wish to make applications both outside of and within the UK.

As from April 6th 2011, in most cases, the job will need to be of graduate level.

Work permits may last for a maximum of five years. Should an applicant remain in the UK for five years on a work permit they are eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

Tier 2 also allows for dependent partners and children of the main applicant to reside in the UK.

Employers Eligibility

An employer recruiting under the Tier 2 rules must obtain a sponsors licence before any application can be made. The employer has the responsibility of providing the Home Office with all documentation required to support the grant of a licence. Our team can provide a comprehensive service in preparing an online licence application on behalf of employers.

The employer has the responsibility of demonstrating to the Home Office that they have the required resources to keep records of the migrants they employ as stipulated in Home Office guidance. Failure to comply with this requirement may cause an employer’s licence to be revoked.

In addition to the required licence, for each non – EU national employed, the organisation must issue a certificate of sponsorship to the applicant which will outline the details and conditions of the proposed employment.

Tier 2  also contains provisions for the grant of visas  in the following categories : -

  • Tier 2 – Intra Company Transfers
  • Tier 2 – Ministers of Religion
  • Tier 2 – Sportspersons

Our professional team will be happy to advise on the requirements and procedures on applications in any of these categories.