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EU Visa Applications

If you are the family member of a European Union (EU) national you may initially enter the UK for a period of 3 months provided that you produce a passport and either a European Economic Area (EEA) Family Permit, a Residence Card or a Permanent Residence Card. You may then remain in the UK for so long as you remain the family member of the EU national and the EU national is a Qualified Person. A person is a qualified person if they are a jobseeker, worker, self-employed, self-sufficient or a student.

In addition, any child (aged under 21 years) of any family member of an EU national may also have the right to join their parent in the UK.

Our European Law team of UK immigration lawyers have a wealth of experience in advising and preparing applications relating to EEA law and will be happy to give advice on any EU issues you may have.

For the EU national and their non-EU national family members, it may be advantageous to apply for one of the documents listed below, in order to demonstrate their right to reside and work in the UK. Without these it may be very difficult to obtain employment.

Registration certificate

An application may be made to the UK Secretary of State for the issue of a Registration Certificate to an EEA national upon proof of their nationality and the fact that they are a qualified person.

Residence Card

An application may be made to the UK Secretary of State to issue a residence card to the family member of an EEA national upon proof of the relationship and a passport.

EEA family Permit

In order to obtain an EEA Family Permit an application must be made for entry clearance from a designated UK post in the country where the applicant resides. The EEA national family member must already be in the UK or traveling to the UK within the next six months in order to reside there in line with the EEA regulations. The applicant must already be lawfully resident in an EU state or satisfy rules regarding the relationship as stipulated by the UK Home Office. Further information regarding this is available from our dedicated team of EU solicitors.

Issue of a Permanent Residence card of Document

An application for Permanent Right of residence in the UK may be made to the Home Office by an EU national or the family member of an EU national on the proviso that the EU national has been residing in the UK for the last five years in accordance with the EEA rules. Regarding the family member they would normally have been residing with the EU national for the five years period. There are regulations which relate to those who have separated during the five year period or where the EU national has passed away which our team of immigration solicitors would be happy to discuss with you.

Extended family members are also catered for in the EEA rules. Further information is available from our team of EU Solicitors.

There are no Home Office fees for the any of the above applications. Our expert team will be able to advise and assist in preparing and submitting your application in order that all of the correct documentation is provided and any unnecessary delays are avoided.