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Mahmoud Hamed

Mahmoud Hamed

Senior Accredited Caseworker

Mahmoud is an experienced IAAS level 2 Senior Immigration Caseworker, working towards his qualification as a legal executive. He has a law degree studied in Paris and a Post Graduate Diploma in Law from the UK. Mahmoud has gained much experience having worked for two law firms before joining Barnes Harrild and Dyer Solicitors. He also speaks fluent Arabic and French.

Mahmoud has developed numerous skills whilst working in the legal industry, including extensive knowledge about Human Rights Law, unlawful detention, international armed conflicts and military operations related civilian injuries, work related accidents, employers liability, personal injuries, compensation, and last but not least immigration and asylum. 

Immigration and asylum is a fast moving and challenging law area which keeps changing. Mahmoud endeavours to adapt himself in order to service the clients to the best standards and meet their expectations. He assists clients from different backgrounds and countries to regularise their stay in the UK. Whether it is an asylum case, extension of leave to remain or British Citizenship application, Mahmoud is always available to provide clients with high standards service.

Some of Mahmoud’s unreported decisions are:

MO (Nigeria) – Mother of 2 children. Medical case. The eldest son suffers from Joubert Syndrome. Mahmoud acted for the family in their appeal against the SSHD refusal to grant leave to remain in the UK. The appeal was successful on Article 8 grounds as the judge considered that returning the mother and her children to Nigeria would expose the child with health condition to a real risk of death due to the lack of adequate treatment.

AH (Iraq) – Asylum seeker with severely impaired vision. The client was an Iraqi national who claimed asylum in the UK since 2006. Despite his disability, his latest fresh claim for asylum was refused with right of appeal. Mahmoud acted for the client in his appeal against the SSHD refusal to grant asylum. The appeal was allowed by the First Tier Tribunal on Art 3 grounds and Art 15 (b) of the Qualification Directive. The judge considered that, noting the client disability, returning him to Baghdad would expose him to a risk of inhuman and degrading treatment.

MN (Egypt) – An Egyptian political activist claimed asylum in the UK in 2018. The SSHD admitted that he previously had problems with the Egyptian authorities, but his asylum claim was refused as they considered he is not wanted by the regime. Mahmoud acted for the client’s appeal. With evidence the appeal was allowed and the client was granted refugee status in the UK.

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