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Revocation of Deportation Orders

Our team of specialist experienced immigration solicitors in Croydon and Central London can assist those who have already had a deportation order made against them and want it revoked because of a change of personal circumstances, such as ill-health, a delay in removing them from the UK or having new family members or relationships.

Immigration law is frequently changing and in many situations an appeal that was unsuccessful many years ago may well now be seen as wrong when a person’s change of circumstances is considered.

Legal aid is not normally available for applications and appeals relating to revocation of deportation orders but we offer reasonable and highly competitive private rates for our experienced lawyers to undertake this complex area of law.

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Other Deportation Legal Services:

About BHD

We specialise in every aspect of immigration, asylum and human rights law involving migrants and have been involved in several cases that have played a part in shaping the interpretation of the law in the UK.

We employ expert immigration solicitors and benefit from having experienced in-house counsel to consult. Our firm offers a range of legal services, including advocacy at the Immigration and Asylum Tribunals, the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.


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