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Family Life Visas

We are a firm of leading London immigration solicitors with a wealth of experience in advising and preparing applications for individuals to enter the UK as a family member of a person present and settled in the UK or to prevent the removal of those already living in the UK with their families.

It is a legal requirement that entry clearance must be granted prior to a spouse visa, marriage visa, partner visa or other family member (including children) visa being granted to an individual in order that they may enter the UK to join a person present and settled in the UK.

There are exceptions to this rule in the case of EEA nationals and their family members and this is dealt with in our specialist EU law section.

All entry clearance applications must be made from outside the UK at a UK designated post in the country where the applicant is living.

Visas may be granted for spouses, civil partners, fiancé/es and unmarried and same sex partners of those present and settled in the UK.

There are a number of requirements contained in the UK immigration rules which must be satisfied prior to entry clearance and a visa being granted. The Home Office immigration rules are complex and can suddenly change and therefore it is always advisable to contact us to assist in making such applications.

Where the application is successful the applicant will be granted an initial period of leave to remain in the UK after which time he or she will be eligible to apply for Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the UK.

In addition, children and other dependent family members, including grandparents, may apply for leave to enter the UK to join the family member or for leave to remain with the family member. The maintenance and accommodation requirements apply and the relationship must be proved.

There may be circumstances when family members including children and grandparents are already in the UK. Applications for these may be made inside the UK by invoking Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights (‘the right to private and family life’). Our dedicated team of Human Rights lawyers will be happy to advise those wishing to obtain information regarding their rights in the UK.

Legal aid is not normally available for cases of this type but we recommend highly that an experienced immigration solicitor within this firm is instructed to represent you.

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