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Asylum, Refugee & Humanitarian Protection

Asylum Lawyers London

We are specialist Asylum Solicitors in London, UK, with a strong reputation in assisting clients with Asylum, Refugee & Humanitarian Protection. We offer competitive pricing and offer a bespoke immigration service to all our clients.

UK Asylum Solicitors

We are leading UK Asylum Solicitors renowned for successfully assisting asylum applicants nationwide.

Our specialist team have extensive experience and knowledge in dealing with all aspects of asylum and human rights laws.

Some of our high-profile success stories include:

AAA and others v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2022] EWHC 3230 (Admin) – Our Senior Partner Paul Turner led BHD Solicitors to success in the Rwanda Test Case in the Landmark Court of Appeal Decision

HB (Kurds) Iran CG [2018] UKUT 430 (IAC), Our Senior Partner Paul Turner and in-house counsel Iain Palmer presented a substantial wealth or objective evidence and expert evidence in this country guidance case that is binding upon all Tribunal Judges concerning the identification of entitlement to refugee status of Iranian nationals fearing discrimination on account of Kurdish ethnicity

MO (illegal exit – risk on return) Eritrea CG [2011] UKUT 00190 (IAC):  BHD represented the appellant in this country guidance case, binding upon all Tribunal Judges concerning the risk of persecution to asylum seekers from Eritrea.

Our specialist team of asylum lawyers possess the highest level of expertise in this field. The team regularly undertake complex appeal cases and participate in country guidance cases playing a key role in the evolvement of law in this area.

Our team of asylum lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with asylum related claims from adults and minors and their family members.

If you do not qualify for asylum but there are humanitarian protection or other reasons why you should be allowed to remain in the UK, then as your solicitor we may be able to advise and assist you obtaining humanitarian or other leave.

If you have previously been refused asylum and would like to submit an asylum and human rights fresh claim because you have new evidence which is significantly different from the material that was previously been considered by the Home Office or the Tribunal Judge then contact us for an appointment to speak to a member of our team for urgent UK immigration help.

Asylum-Seeking Children

We here have a proud tradition of helping unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (‘UASCs’) successfully claim protection in the United Kingdom. We have a dedicated and experienced team of immigration lawyers and caseworkers who are qualified to deal with cases of children from many different nationalities and backgrounds.

Our reputation has been built over the years from our close ties and links within the local community and organisations such as the Refugee Council as well as social services departments within London Local Authorities including Croydon, Greenwich, Thurrock and Lambeth Borough Councils.

Where the age of the child is in doubt our team of immigration lawyers are committed in challenging the Home Office age assessments and local authorities in order to protect the best interests of the child.

Our immigration lawyers also deal with those asylum-seeking children who have already claimed asylum but whose applications have been refused with the grant of Discretionary Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom for a limited period of time and who require assistance with making an application for an extension of stay in the United Kingdom.

Our UK Law Firm provides free legal assistance to those children that are eligible for immigration help.

Victims of Trafficking

Since 2009, our experienced and specialist immigration solicitors in London have a proven track record of representing victims of trafficking and modern day slavery and we regularly challenge negative trafficking decisions made by the Home Office. We have assisted hundreds of victims who were wrongly denied identification as a victim of trafficking.

As an experienced firm of solicitors in London representing victims of trafficking we are regularly referred clients from highly renowned specialist organisations who assist victims of trafficking such as the Red Cross, Hestia and ATLEU to mention just a few.

Since 2009, we have represented victims of trafficking successfully in challenging adverse conclusive grounds decisions by both judicial review and in the Immigration and Asylum Tribunals.

We have also succeeded in proving that victims of domestic of violence are also refugees as they would be at risk of re-trafficking. We have also succeeded in challenging decisions of the Secretary of State where they have failed to grant the correct period of leave to remain in the UK to our clients in order to obtain services such as counselling or to assist the police in their investigations of the traffickers.

Legal Aid Asylum Solicitor

Legal aid for UK asylum is available in these cases. So please contact our specialist legal aid  solicitors in London or Croydon for an initial introduction to discuss your case.

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