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Barnes Harrild & Dyer Solicitors is a leading law firm specialising in Immigration, Asylum & Human Rights law with an outstanding reputation for our work in this field. We are recommended by the Legal 500 and recognised for our exemplary work and determination. We have offices based in Croydon, Central London and Sheffield.

We hold preferred supplier legal aid contracts in Immigration/Asylum and Public Law categories, with Detained Duty Advice (DDA) contracts at Harmondsworth, Colnbrook, Yarlswood, Brook House and Tinsley House Immigration Removal Centres and also Detained Asylum Casework (DAC) contracts at Harmondsworth, Colnbrook and Yarlswood. We act in asylum cases for minors and adults, victims of trafficking, detention removal and unlawful detention claims, fresh asylum and human rights claims, judicial review, and non-asylum work conducted under Exceptional Case Funding. We ensure that our staff work to their strengths by listening to what cases our caseworkers wish to handle and specialise in to ensure maximum client satisfaction and costs return.

Our team of lawyers are second to none, committed to their work and recognised as leaders in the field. As our firm continues to expand, we are seeking to recruit paralegals, IAAS accredited Senior or Advanced Caseworkers/Lawyers to assist the firm with the continued high demand for our services.

We are committed to investing in our staff members and provide ongoing high-quality bespoke training packages to aid the continuing development and career progression of our staff. Our Supervisors and Heads of Department provide ongoing peer support and an open door supervision policy. Opportunities for development and promotion within the firm are always encouraged.

We recognise the benefits of flexible and remote working and this is available to all members of staff. We have high quality cloud-based IT systems to support remote working and provide the necessary equipment to facilitate this. We also offer working in our offices as and when permitted in current Covid-19 restrictions. All caseworkers are provided access to EIN and HJT, our Quill case management and document system, laptop and work mobile.

Essential Requirements
• Experience of immigration law casework and knowledge of Asylum and Immigration Law
• To be employed on a full time basis
Salary and Consultancy Arrangements
• Paralegals with no accreditation £15,000
• Paralegals with level 1 caseworker accreditation £16,000 to £18,000
• Level 2 Senior Caseworkers – £25,000 – £30,000
• Level 2/3 Accredited Solicitors/Legal Executives/Barristers – £30,000 – £40,000
• Salaries are dependent on experience and qualifications
• Bonus scheme is payable on salaries for qualified lawyers above a salary of £30k at 20% on costs billed above x3 salary achieved in a single accounting year, 30% x 4 and 40% x 5
• A bonus scheme is in place for a discretionary payment to be paid to a non-lawyer level 2 caseworker who bills above x 3 salary
• Consultancy arrangements are available at 60/40 fee share for non-lawyers , 50/50 fee share for lawyers

We are an equal-opportunities practice and are proud of the diversity of our staff. We adopt a friendly and non-confrontational working environment at all times.

We are interested in employing strong candidates with the greatest potential and to assist us in our commitment to continue proving high quality legally aided services to vulnerable clients.

Please send your CV and a covering letter to the firm’s Practice Manager and suitable candidates will be invited for interview.

When applying please indicate whether you prefer a salary or consultancy position and if you are seeking a training contract.

The deadline to apply for the above opportunities is 28 February 2021

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We are an award-winning law firm specialising in immigration asylum and human rights law.

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