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Judicial Review

Judicial Review Solicitors London

We are specialist judicial review lawyers in London, with a strong reputation for winning judicial review cases in the UK over the last 30 years.

Everyone knows that the barriers to entering the UK are high, but most people set out feeling hopeful and optimistic that they will achieve their goal. Receiving a negative result after a long, stressful immigration or asylum application process will understandably be crushing for you and your family.

Fortunately, there may still be a place you can turn to. If a public body, such as the Home Office or Immigration Tribunal, made a decision using an illegal, irrational or unfair process, you can challenge the proceedings through a procedure called Judicial Review. This could force the public body to reconsider your case using a proper process.

Contact us if you’re looking for a specialist judicial review lawyer in London or Croydon as we provide bespoke legal advice with a personal touch and understand the stresses of going through the immigration process. We are here to guide you through the process as easily as possible.

We have an excellent track record in assisting with Judicial Reviews with over 30 years’ and our experience helps clients to gain the results they need to move forward. Our Judicial Review legal skills are borne out of our dedication to go the distance for our clients; we will not rest until every legal avenue has been explored in search of a positive outcome for you.

Our solicitors are more than happy to accept clients who have received immigration advice elsewhere and have been let down. We will provide a fresh perspective on your case and take all possible steps to turn things around.

Immigration Judicial Review UK

We know that time is of the essence, so get in touch with our UK immigration solicitors in Central London or Croydon as soon as possible to set up an initial consultation. Alternatively, email our Senior Partner, Paul Turner, at

Judicial Review Lawyers

There are many circumstances in which we use Judicial Review procedures in immigration cases. Our expertise includes challenging:

  • ‘Certificates’ issued by the Secretary of State which effectively either limit or deny a person their right of appeal
  • The refusal by the Home Office to accept a fresh claim
  • Negative decisions where there is no right of appeal because at the time of the application the person did not have any leave
  • Unlawful detention
  • Unlawful removals to a safe “third country”
  • Nationality decisions
  • Unreasonable delays by the Home Office in taking administrative steps.

We regularly undertake urgent cases where removal from the UK is imminent. 

What is Judicial Review?

The immigration Judicial Review process is used to challenge decisions made by the immigration authorities when there is no other way. For example, where there is no right of appeal against a decision.

Judicial Review is not so much about challenging the decision itself but the way it was made. If a Judicial Review application is successful, the immigration decision may be ‘quashed’ (overturned) or declared unlawful and the immigration authority required to make a fresh decision in a fair, legal and rational way. The immigration authority may also be required to take certain actions or refrain from certain actions, for example, to take into account certain information or to ignore certain information when considering its decision.

The court also has the power to issue injunctions preventing the immigration authorities from carrying out the decision while under challenge. For example, an injunction may be obtained to prevent a person being deported from the UK while a decision to remove is being challenged.

Ultimately, because Judicial Review is about process rather than decision, there is no guarantee that the immigration authority will come to a different decision the second time around. They may make the same negative decision as before despite using the proper process.

What is the difference between an appeal and Judicial Review?

An appeal is a legal challenge against a decision of a court or public body. You may only make an appeal if you have a legal right to do so. When considering the appeal, the court will look at the issues of the case and, if successful, the outcome will usually be that the decision is overturned and the case reheard.

Judicial Review is a legal challenge against the way a decision was made (but not the decision itself). You may apply for Judicial Review in relation to any decision of a public body that you believe was illegal, irrational or unfair. If successful, the decision may be overturned and the case reconsidered using the proper process. However, there is no guarantee that the outcome will be different.

Immigration Judicial Review proceedings costs

Public funding for advice and representation is available to those who do not have the means to pay and whose cases have a good enough chance of succeeding. Our contract with the Legal Services Commission allows us to exercise devolved powers to grant funding in urgent cases.

However, it is important to note that claimants who lose judicial review proceedings may be ordered to pay the legal costs of the other side as well as their own. It is therefore imperative to seek proper legal advice from the outset.

Why choose our immigration Judicial Review solicitors?

For over 30 years we have helped individuals across the UK and overseas with their immigration Judicial Review cases. Our highly experienced team approach even the most complicated of cases with confidence and determination; we always set out to achieve the very best results for our clients.

We are independently recognised experts

We have following Law Society Accreditations in recognition of our skills:

We have also been highly ranked as one of the top firms in the South East by prestigious client guide, the Legal 500.

We offer bespoke immigration advice

We are known for combining legal expertise with a kind, personal approach. We understand that immigration processes are rarely easy. It is particularly frustrating where an application has been refused because the Home Office did not follow the correct procedures. We want your experience with us to be as smooth and straightforward as possible. We always tailor our advice to suit each person’s individual circumstances so as to give them the best possible chance of achieving a positive outcome.

We are responsive and proactive

You will never be left waiting for a response from us. We make it our aim to respond to all calls and emails as swiftly as possible and to provide regular updates throughout your matter.

When you first get in touch with us, we will immediately put you into contact with the person best suited to help so we can get your matter moving forward as efficiently as possible.

Once on board, you will have a personal lawyer who will be responsible for overseeing your case and ensuring things never come to a standstill. You will also be given a direct email address and phone number for your lawyer so you can get in touch whenever you need to.

Expert legal advice for UK Judicial Review

We know that time is of the essence, so get in touch with our specialist UK judicial review solicitors in London & Croydon to set up an initial consultation.

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