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Coronavirus Announcement (Updated October 2020)

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, with the changing lockdown and social distancing measures, we as an established legal practice have ensured continuity of our legal services during these challenging months.

We are continuing to conduct virtual meetings with our staff working remotely and soon we will be returning to essential face-to-face meetings, under controlled and safe settings at all three of our offices in Central London and Croydon.

With changing government guidance, we are helping clients to understand the impact of such guidance on their personal, professsional and business lives, providing bespoke legal advice and services addressing their needs. We recommend that your important legal matters are not put on hold and that you contact us today.

Barnes Harrild and Dyer is a highly recognised law firm based in Croydon and the City of London

We are a boutique solicitors firm offering bespoke and specialist services to all our clients, existing and new. Our early days of practise in the 1980s were focussed on protecting the human rights of vulnerable clients. Since then we have developed into a full service law firm lead by our Senior Partner Mr Paul Turner that provides our clients with bespoke and integrated legal services across a niche range of practice areas.

We combine a highly personal and responsive service and our services are underpinned by our client centred approach. We have remained true to our origins and still today offer a friendly and personalised service to the highest standard of client care. Our success and capabilities can be measured by our Senior Partner being ranked in the Legal 500 as a Leading Individual, with our firm being ranked as a Leading Firm.



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I am looking to leave my partner – why mediate?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which both the parties enlist the help of a mediator to assist them to resolve areas of dispute between them. The mediator, usually a lawyer, is neutral and merely facilitates the agreement. The mediator does not decide whether anyone is right or wrong and will not put forward ideas.

My partner is refusing to leave the home and it is upsetting the children, what can I do?

If your partner refuses to leave the family home, you may apply to the Court for an occupation order. An occupation order can exclude a person who has a legal right to reside in the home from entering it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse some of our frequently asked questions about finding a solicitor or lawyer. Please contact us if you cannot find the information you need. More FAQs can be found under the Contact Us page.

How do I contact your UK immigration team?

Contact Details for UK Visa and Immigration Enquiries

Contact our UK Visas and Immigration team (UKVI) by calling our general enquiries phone number 0300 123 2241 to apply for a British visa to ente or remain in the UK.

What do UK immigration lawyers do?

Immigration lawyers are professionals who use their knowledge of UK immigration law to provide their clients with dedicated advice and services. They offer guidance on complex matters such as UK visa applications, settlement status and British citizenship registration, business immigration law, and deportation problems.

How do I choose a good immigration lawyer?

7 Tips For Finding A Reliable UK Immigration Lawyer

  1. Do your research. The Home Office website is a good place to start to ensure that you find a legitimate firm. …
  2. Ask for a referral. …
  3. Check the fee structure. …
  4. Be wary of guarantees. …
  5. Have a consultation. …
  6. Organise your documents. …
  7. Don’t Stress.

How do I find a good UK employment lawyer?

To find a solicitor who deals with employment law, visit our Contact Us Page Or Click Request a call Back button on the top of the page. If you need more help using Find a Solicitor, call us on +44 20 7100 1487 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30) or email us.

How much do employment solicitors charge?

The fees of employment solicitors will depend on you case but here is the

Do I need a solicitor for unfair dismissal?

Unfair dismissal claims are complex and it is essential that you have excellent and determined legal representation by a solicitor (not a paralegal).

What does a commercial lawyer do?

Commercial lawyers deal with issues pertaining to business transactions. They may draft client agreements, negotiate employment contracts or write purchase agreements. Commercial lawyers often practice in law firms on behalf of multiple clients of the firm’s commercial transactions department.

Do you offer will writing and estate planning services?

Planning what will happen to your estate means your assets will be allocated to your loved ones as you’d like them to be. Our estate planning and probate experts can help you draft a Will that makes it easier for your executors to pass on your wealth in the most tax-efficient way. … estate planningwriting Wills.

What is a reasonable price for a will?

The answer varies depending on how complex your affairs are and the value of your estate. The costs of drawing up a will by a solicitor for: a simple will – can cost from £300

Is estate planning necessary?

While most families with assets or a family should execute a will, you may or may not need an estate plan, depending on the size of your estate and other factors. … A key advantage of an estate plan is its power to minimize the probate process and its expenses, delays, and loss of privacy.

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